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PRP therapy –Platelet-rich Plasma, has caught on with great popularity in a good number of fields. It’s considered a safe procedure as it uses the patient’s blood cells to speed up healing in a specific area. Hello friends!! This is Dr. Shivam’s skincare center, the Best dermatologist in Jaipur, which offers you advanced PRPTherapy for your hair and skin with a miraculous technique viz. painless and way safer than the needle-based PRPTherapy


But what is PRP??

PRPTherapy or Platelet-rich Plasma incorporates two elements: Plasma i.e. the liquid portion of blood and Platelets i.e. a type of blood cell which is well known for its clotting abilities and content of growth factors that could kick start cell reproduction and revive tissue regeneration or recovery in the treated area. PRP is simply blood that has more platelets than normal!!

How is PRP prepared??

To devise Platelet-rich Plasma, clinicians extract a blood sample from the patient and place it on a centrifuge, a device that swiftly spins the sample, splitting out the other components of blood from platelets and distilling them within the plasma.


How is PRP injected??

After the PRP is prepared from the sample of a patient’s blood, the solution is injected into the target area. Clinical doctors may also consume ultrasound to navigate the injection.

Studies have shown that the elevated concentration of growth factors in Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP might facilitate or accelerate the healing process, shorten the healing time for suffering, decrease pain and even provoke hair growth!!


PRP therapy in dermatology and cosmetology

PRP injections can be employed in dermatology and cosmetology in the cases of hair fall and skin rejuvenation or anti-aging.

  1. Hair fall: PRPTherapy injections can be efficacious in tackling the male pattern baldness, both in preventing hair fall and provoking new hair growth. PRP for hair can also help with the acceleration of hair growth post hair transplants.
  2. Skin rejuvenation: PRPTherapy has also proved to be a sustainable treatment for anti-aging. PRP injections are found beneficial in reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Risks and side effects involved in PRP therapy 

A PRP injection is an innocuous procedure and does not often cause remarkable side effects because the treatments use a patient’s tissues, PRP injections are a low-risk affair and can be administered alone or used in conjugation with other procedures. 

Since the process involves a blood draw, the patient should be hydrated and eaten beforehand to check the light head feeling.

Soreness and bruising at the injection site can be encountered after the procedure.

Minimal risks can include,

  • Tissue damage 
  • Bleeding 
  • Infection
  • Nerve infections

Now, What does the PRP hair treatment cost?

PRP treatment

is a costly procedure but at Dr. Shivam’s skin care center, the best dermatologists in Jaipur, and the best hair transplant center in Jaipur, the PRP hair treatment cost is reduced to your budget so that you don’t think twice before seeking it.

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