About Us

Meet our Dermatologist

Dr. Shivam Goyal

Dr Shivam’s Skin centre is an exclusive station for Skin and Hair Care solutions in Jaipur. We provide comprehensive hair & skin cosmetology solutions for men and women. Under the leadership of Dr Shivam Goyal, this centre is a technologically advanced cosmetology solution.

Our dermatologist & Cosmetologist, Dr Shivam Goyal, has completed his learnings in MD from the top medical centre in India with a specialization in Skin and Hair treatments. He has extensively worked in hair and skin disorders and solutions, including cosmetic treatments. A national-level award winner and author of many research papers, his dedication has always been his strength.

We believe in following treatments and solutions with personalization as it creates a trust factor between the doctor and patient hence giving them a long term result.   

Our services are divided into five categories for men and women; Hair, Lazer, Cosmetology, Dermatology and Make-up. Our ace services are backed up with the latest technology, thus giving personalized, technology encouraged treatments. 

There’s a difference between ‘disease’ and ‘desires’, and in skincare, dermatology play’s the role of disease cure, and cosmetic dermatology is the process that fulfills the desire to look as wanted. 

Some skin diseases require medical and procedural treatment simultaneously, and this integrated approach gives you a complete cure for skin disease.   

It’s rightly said that ‘Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.’ Dr Shivam skin centre is always available for its clientele to free them from all your skin problems and the sleepless nights you had spent thinking of them. The primary goal of treating dermatologists at our clinic is to treat skin conditions with adequate treatment by educating the patient about the course of skin and hair conditions & nature of treatments. This session helps you to understand your skin and hair fall condition. Another concern of doctors at our clinic is to provide skincare and hair fall treatment in a cost-effective way to all patients.