Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus

The skin condition lichen planus is characterized by tiny, glossy, reddish pimples. These are occasionally accented by white streaks. Itching and blisters are possible in the afflicted area. Although the actual cause of the illness is unknown, some specialists believe it is caused by an immunological reaction. This suggests that your immune system is attacking healthy cells by mistake.


The following are some of the most prevalent lichen planus symptoms:

  • purplish-colored lesions or bumps with flat tops on your skin or genitals
  • lesions that develop and spread over the body for several weeks or a few months
  • itching at the site of the rash, which commonly appears on the wrists, lower back, and ankles
  • lacy-white lesions in the mouth, which may be painful or cause a burning sensation
  • blisters, which burst and become scabby
  • thin white lines over the rash

Affecting Areas

Lichen planus frequently appears on the inner wrist. It’s also common to see:

  • on the lower part of the legs
  • on the lower back
  • on the fingernails
  • on the scalp
  • on the genitals
  • in the mouth

Lichen planus affects about 1 in every 100 people. It is more common among middle-aged women. It’s also possible that lichen planus and the hepatitis C virus are linked.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Lichen planus can be diagnosed by looking at it or collecting a skin biopsy. Treatment may not be necessary for mild cases of lichen planus. If your symptoms are bothersome or severe, doctors may recommend medicine, or you may be able to relieve your symptoms using home remedies.

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