What is a milium cyst?

A milium cyst is a tiny white lump seen on the nose and cheeks. These cysts are frequently encountered in clusters. Milia is a term for many cysts.

Milia develop when keratin becomes trapped under the skin’s surface. Keratin is a strong protein that may be found in skin, hair, and nail cells.

Milia may affect people of various races and ages. They are, however, most frequent among infants.

Milia Extraction is done to have a cosmetically appealing face.

What are the types of milia?

Milia kinds are characterized by the age at which cysts appear or the cause of cyst development. These kinds can also be classified as primary or secondary.

Entrapped keratin is the basis of primary milia. These cysts commonly appear on the faces of children and adults.

Secondary milia have a similar appearance to primary milia, but they appear when something clogs the ducts leading to the skin’s surface, such as an injury, a burn, or blistering.

How are milia diagnosed?

Based on the appearance of the cysts, our dermatologist will inspect your skin to see if you have milia. Only in exceptional circumstances are skin lesion biopsies required.

How are milia treated?

 The cysts normally disappear after a few weeks.

Milia fades away in older children and adults after a few months. If these cysts are bothering you, there are therapies that can help you get rid of them.

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