For microblading, small tools with tiny needles are used instead of standard tattoo guns. Manually drawing hair strokes with these needles while simultaneously depositing color beneath the skin is possible. Is this what you came up with? brow hairs that don’t wash away in the shower.

Is microblading a tattoo?

To be sure, yet in a way, no. If you’re curious about how long microblading lasts, keep reading to find out. Because the hairlike strokes aren’t as firmly embedded in the skin, it’s considered semi-permanent tattooing (compared to, say, hairlike strokes created by a tattoo gun). A microblading tattoo isn’t permanent since the pigment is metabolized by your body and disappears over time. Also, the dye particles in microblading ink are not as concentrated, which gives your brows a softer, more natural look.

Who is a good candidate for microblading?

A skilled microblading expert can produce the look of naturally thick brows on any skin tone with any colour range. This is the greatest part about this technique. Even if you’ve suffered from alopecia, you may still get your eyebrows microbladed. Dr. Shivam uses many shades of your hair colour to produce a bespoke colour for his customers’ brows, making them seem more realistic and three-dimensional.

How long does microblading last?

There is a one-to-three year lifespan for microblading, but Dr Shivam advises customers to return every four weeks for a touch-up and final check to ensure they are pleased with the results. This is because oilier skin types fade the quickest.

Does microblading require aftercare?


You’ll need to keep your brows dry and sweat-free for a week following your session if you decide to get them done. Take a break from your home exercises now. When it comes to working out, Dr. Shivam advises treating wounds with ointment first to preserve the pigment and keep them clean and clear of germs if you’re a professional athlete or whatever.

Where can I get microblading done?

To get your microblading eyebrows done, you can book your appointment through our website or by contacting our clinic.