What is Nano Blading?

When it comes to eyebrows, “Nanoblading is a novel therapy that mimics the width and dimension of natural hair in the skin,” says a nanoblading doctor in Jaipur.

Because you just penetrate the epidermis and upper dermis with this procedure, it isn’t as deep as a typical tattoo.

How is it different from microblading?

Basically, it’s a kind of microblading that uses needles that are very thin and pliable.

Fine hair strokes may be achieved with either microblading or nanoblading. However, nanoblading offers more precision and accuracy due to the use of microscopic needles that are compressed into an ultra-fine blade.

Using this method, you should be able to get a more natural brow shape since the artist can apply more precise pressure and the pigment used is finer as well.

What is nanoblading?

The process

During your first appointment, you'll be given a patch test to confirm that the pigment won't cause an adverse reaction. Prior to beginning the procedure, you will be shown a mock-up of your selected form by a trained professional on top of your brows.Only two sessions are required for the complete effect, with the second taking place anywhere from four to eight weeks after the first. Nevertheless, even after the first session, you will have perfectly formed eyebrows that don't seem half-done.

After care advice

For the first seven days after having your brows nanobladed, you should avoid working out, swimming, or applying soap, moisturiser, or make-up near your brow region for the first seven days to prevent damaging your new brows. However, you must also cover your brow from the sun after using this product.You should also avoid getting your brows wet for the first week, but if you do, just dab them dry and reapply the aftercare balm you'll be provided with. This balm aids in the healing of your brows, reducing flaking and fading to a minimum. You won't get a scab as you may with petroleum jelly or other healing treatments.For this reason, it is not suggested that you expose yourself to the sun, light and laser therapy, facial massage, or peels until after your second session.


Because your brows need time to heal between treatments, you can expect to have the perfect brows in about eight weeks, but the upkeep is much less than with waxing or plucking.While some people may wait up to 18 months between maintenance appointments, most people should expect their nano bladed eyebrows to last at least a year.

Make the change!

While waxing, threading, and tweezing may help you keep your brows in shape, nanoblading can do much more to give you the shape you desire and make them seem fuller and more defined.

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