Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels


Chemical peeling is the procedure where a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers of the skin. It gives the result of clear and smoother skin. Our clinic in Jaipur has dermatologists who are experienced in chemical peeling. The chemical peel treatment takes multiple sessions. The treatment can be done for the face, neck, back, hands, arms, and legs but most clients go for face chemical peeling. 

Why chemical peeling?

Chemical peeling is a reemerging procedure. It removes the dull, dehydrated skin layer, leaving beautiful, smooth skin. It helps in removing various forms of pigmentation and blemishes. Also removes the acne marks on the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

Note: We can’t remove acne scars through chemical peeling.

How does it work?

A chemical solution or gel is applied to the skin. This solution or gel helps the dead skin slough off and later peel off. Removing the dead skin gives birth to the new skin with improved texture and tone. It’s a rebirth of your skin.

Types of peels

An ample variety of peeling agents are available in the market. They are graded according to their chemical composition, strength, and penetration depth. Some of the peeling agents are salicylic acid, glycolic acid, kojic acid, yellow peel, party peel, Hollywood peel, and black peel. The treatment is provided according to the skin type. 

Is it a painful treatment?

Most patients feel a tingling sensation during and after the treatment, which lasts for about a few minutes. 

Is chemical peeling a risky treatment? 

Chemical peeling can cause minor short-term effects like scabbing, redness, etc. It can be considered part of the treatment process, which will recover soon.

Results after treatment.

There will be redness for a few days due to exfoliation. After the treatment, the patients can expect an improved skin texture, tone, and firmness. But the patient mustn’t forget to apply sunscreen after a chemical peel on the face.

Why Dr. Shivam's Skin Centre?

Our dermatologist has detailed discussions about the skin type, chemical peel, and the best peel that will work on the face before taking the step further for the procedure. For more details, visit our website or our clinic in Jaipur for an appointment.
Is the treatment expensive?
The chemical peeling cost in our clinic is pocket friendly for our clients