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Dr Shivam Skin Centre is biggest and highest-rated skin care clinic in Jaipur.
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Dr. Shivam Goyal

At Dr. Shivam’s Skin Centre, we specialize in skin and hair conditions

We provide comprehensive hair and skin treatment etc.

Personalized Solutions

3D Facial analysis and customized treatments because you are unique and so are your concerns

Our Pledge To Safety

Only US-FDA & European CE Approved procedures to ensure your safety.

Circle of Trust

Over 90,000 services delivered per year on an average with a satisfaction score of 4.7 on 5

Don’t Wait! Hurry up and Get ready for your next look.

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Great Location

Our Clinic is Located in Hawa Sadak which is Jaipur’s Prime Location.

Awesome Office

Our Office is an Architectural Marvel and Equipped with All Facilities

Award Winning

Dr.Shivam Clinic has Won Several Awards Including the Best Skin Clinic in Jaipur

Caring Team

Our Highly Caring and Courteous Team is Always Here to Take Care of You

Dr Shivam Skin Centre is biggest and highest-rated skin care clinic in Jaipur.

What Our Patients Say About Us

was suffering from a skin problem since long and did not know what it was consulted Dr Shivam and he evaluated and gave me the correct diagnosis. He did a procedure to solve my problem and gave me instant relief. Dr Shivam is a fine and knowledgeable dermatologist. His treatment is result oriented and very effective!

Amit Bayal

Very tastefully done decor and ambience. Your modd instantly brightness up after entering the space. Moreover, Dr Shivam is highly energetic and not the usual kind of doctor. You feel rejuvenated in talking to him as he doesn’t just treat you by giving medicines. He explains and understands your problem and gives minimal but effective medicines with a sound advice.

Anita Choudhary

I had a chronic skin problem… I consulted Dr Shivam and now I am relieved .. I can sleep peacefully at night which I was not able to do since long. I am much happier and thak Dr Shivam Goyal.. his treatment is result oriented and gives minimal medicines after detailed check up.. his behaviour and way of explaining issues is so much better than other doctors.

Jeetu Dhakad

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