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Raise your hands if you ever felt like your brows were too light to show out with confidence. Or you’re always bothered about their appearance before you go out?? What if I tell you that you do not need to worry more about them?? Thank the world of beauty tech, which comes up with new technological miracles every now and then!! If you’re struggling with the same and wanna get a perfect “woke-up-like-this” brow. Nanoblading does it all for you!! Hey folks!! This is Dr Shivam Skin Center, the best dermatologists and cosmetologists in Jaipur, rendering you the best diagnosis and an amazing Nanoblading procedure which makes your brow so stunning that you’d be flaunting it all around!!


NanoBlading hits a fever as it offers a more precise and concentrated version of microblading!!

Microblading was the go-to for everyone who struggled with their eyebrows every day!!

Then came NanoBlading, a more advanced, more precise, and more long-lasting one that’s worth knowing about!!

If you’re considering getting a microblading session that must last longer, nano-blading may be a better option. Want to know more??

Keep reading.

What’s Nanoblading?

NanoBlading is yet another semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure that damages the skin less and gives results which are far better!! It employs a handheld tattoo machine tool which has a very fine needle. It lays pigment under your layers, enacting the look of actual eyebrow hair.

Plus points of Nanoblading??

Nanoblading treatment has got several potents when it comes to brow benefits.

  • Lasts longer than microblading 
  • Helps brows appear fuller
  • Ultra-precise
  • Customized for everyone

What happens during a nanoblading procedure?

Post the patch test, where we’ve tested that you aren’t allergic to the pigment or any other equipment, consent would be taken from you about your desired eyebrow shape and colour.

Firstly, a numbing cream will be applied to the target area. Then, hair-like strokes will be made using the nanoneedle and pigment and fill your eyebrows.

You would need a couple of sessions, the second one about 4-8 weeks later than the first to achieve the final look!!

Even after the first session, your brows would look beautiful enough to stand out confidently!!

Preparation for nanoblading?

  • Do not wax or tweeze your eyebrows a week before the treatment 
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, caffeine, alcohol and fish oils supplements at least 24 hours before the treatment
  • Do not get a facial session at least 2 weeks before treatment
  • Don’t sunbathe or get a tan day on your appointment day
  • Don’t use retinol or vitamin A products 1 month prior to the treatment

How much time would it take to heal?

A nano-blading treatment can take up to 4 weeks to heal. And no more worrying about your brows!!


What is the aftercare of nanoblading procedure?

Nanoblading aftercare is as critical as the treatment

  • Keep your brows as dry as you can
  • Use a damp towel to wipe your brows gently daily and never forget to moisturize
  • Avoid getting hot baths or sweating for the first seven days
  • Don’t wear makeup for a minimum of a week

How long does it last??

Nano blading gives an impressive timeframe of 1 to 3 years!! Wow!! For amazing results, get a touchup after a year or a year and a half!!

Does nanoblading hurt??

 Yes!! A lil’ bit!! Definitely, more discomfort than tweezing or waxing but less than microblading or a traditional tattoo. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can be taken to reduce the pain post-procedure.

Does it have side effects??

Common side effects may take place but they resolve within a few days. These include

  • Swelling 
  • Itchiness
  • Redness

Why choose us?? 

We, at Dr Shivam’s skin centre, give you the best nano-blading treatment in Jaipur. We keep your safety at our utmost priority. For amazing results walk in today!! And get the most budget-friendly cost of nano blading in Jaipur!!

Hurry up!! And get the best of you from within!!

Book an appointment asap by pressing the button below!!


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