Is Birthmark or Mole a Blemish to your skin!

Birthmarks may feel embarrassing at times and even could leave you grief-stricken!! But do not have to worry!! ‘Cause, we’ve got a ready solution for you. Dr Shivam’s skincare centre, the best dermatologist and cosmetologist in Jaipur, offers you the best birthmark removal treatments in Jaipur.

What’s a birthmark??

Birthmarks are inconsistent groups of cells in the skin. They are often present from birth, or could just arise during the first few weeks or months of life. 

Types of birthmarks?? 

Vascular Birthmarks:

Hemangioma of infancy, port wine stain and nevus simplex.


congenital melanocytic nevi and cafè au lait spots.


nevus sebaceous and epidermal nevi.

What’s the treatment??

On the basis of the type of birthmarks or moles you have, Dr Shivam’s skincare centre would make up an individualized mole removal treatments plan exclusively for you, that may include:

  • Medications
  • Laser treatments
  • Surgery removal

Medications: Certain medications are used to shrink blood vessels and reduce the blood flow to a particular area where birthmarks are present.

Laser therapy:

  • Laser therapy assists you in lightening red birthmarks such as port wine birthmarks
  • The laser flash gets converted into heat, in order to shrink or totally eliminate blood vessels, compelling birthmarks to fade away
  • This treatment is found to be the most efficient when used from infancy, but could also assist children and adults!!

Surgery or shaving:

  • Birthmark surgery is strictly done in an office setting under local anaesthesia. If the area to be treated is large, then the surgery is done under general anaesthesia
  • A small scalpel is employed for mole removal

Targeted areas for birthmark removal

Mole removal, commonly, from your face, scalp and neck are removed ’cause they are most visible areas of one’s body

Risks?? Side effects??

Mole removal surgery can lead to symptoms of infection including:

  • Pus 
  • Blood
  • Fluid coming from the incision

Medications can cause:

  • Slowed heart rate
  • Sleeping problems 
  • Coughing
  • Constipation or diarrhoea 

What to expect after each treatment??

Laser therapy: 

  • Complications may include redness or discolouration, swelling, irritation or bruising for 24 hours after the therapy
  • Avoid the sun and keep the area clean
  • Peeling around the treated area could be experience
  • Outcomes are permanent, yet the fragments of birthmarks could still persist
  • The area heals in a week


  • Birthmark removal surgeries heal in almost no downtime
  • Still, you need to keep the incision sure clean and dry and avoid any activity that could irritate the stitches
  • Results are permanent though scarring can occur


  • A 14-18 prescription is necessary to get the permanent final results
  • Our best mole removal dermatologists taper you off the medications rather than stop cold turkey

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